Auteur/autrice : Pierrick


Outliers Ongoing documentary project about living off the main tracks on the Isle of Jøa inTrøndelag, Mid-Norway.


Brest Pictures from France’s westernmost city, in Brittany.


Straumingen These pictures were taken during a week-end journey on M/K Straumingen, a refurbished traditional fishing boat from 1955. The boat is owned and operated by the coastal…

Late night fishing

Late night fishing Out in the wild in Svartdalen, Namdal (Norway) fishing with Ingrid and Sigbjørn (2019).

Kayak trip

Kayak trip Photo essay from week-long kayak trip in 2018 around Hjørundfjord in the Sunnmøre region (Northwestern coast of Norway) together with two friends from France.


Menuiserie Story of a piece of wood. Adrien and Rudolph shaping a piece of wood. Norway, 2018.


Cruise When boats are bigger than cities. Photographic study (2014 – 2018) of cruise ships daily visiting the city of Ålesund in Norway during the summer season. Some…


Ålesund Pictures from the town of Ålesund, located on the Northwestern coast of Norway. Taken with both digital and film cameras between 2013 and 2018.

From here to there

From here to there Twisted reality of ordinary situations. Taken with both digital and film cameras.

[[ ]]

[[ ]] Some results from experimenting with double exposure on 35mm film as well as film winding uncontrolled issues.




North Landscapes from Norway. Taken with digital and film cameras.

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